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You have a deep desire to make an impact in this world and are committed to growth. You've gotten this far by yourself, experience the power of a coaching conversation to increase your awareness and propel you forward.

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A flowering branch reaching for a blue sky. Photo by Poorva Rawat on Unsplash.

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”
— Einstein

Hi, I’m Jameal, dev lead and creative studio co-founder turned leadership coach.

For most of my career I’ve helped companies and organizations solve compelling creative problems digitally, now I empower leaders to find creative ways to move forward and address the myriad of challenges they face in today's uncertain and complex times.

All knowledge is self-knowledge and self-development is near and dear to me. Through mindfulness, deep reflection and other awareness practices I’ve experienced incredible personal growth. I've been able to overcome negative reactive patterns that frequently held me back and reclaim my agency to find more choicefulness in any given moment.

I believe that everyone has the capacity for creativity and it starts from a place of awareness. I believe that creativity is a vehicle for transformative growth toward what it means to be truly human and finding happiness. My goal is to help others toward this end, and I offer this through my coaching practice.

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