Helping you become the best version of yourself, mindfully

Striking Contrast is about personal growth and the inevitable obstacles we encounter on its pursuit. It's about recognizing the dissonance between our ideal self and who we are today as a fundamental part of the human experience and knowing that although this ideal may never be reached, it nevertheless serves as a critical bearing on our path toward mastery.

A flowering branch reaching for a blue sky. Photo by Poorva Rawat on Unsplash.

Hi, I’m Jameal, dev lead and creative studio co-founder turned teacher and coach.

My background is in tech and marketing, most recently at Oldspeake, a creative studio building websites and digital experiences. I served as our technical development lead and chief of operations for five years, until an awakening experience led me to seek out a more direct way of living into my highest values: Connection and Compassion.

All knowledge is self-knowledge and self-development is near and dear to me. Through mindfulness, deep reflection and other awareness practices I’ve been able to overcome negative reactive patterns that frequently held me back from achieving my potential and reclaim my agency to find more choice whatever the conditions.

Now I'm on a mission to help people and organizations on their path toward mastery, starting with Stuckness. Feeling stuck is an essential precondition for growth. Remaining stuck, however, is not. As a teacher and certified coach I help people increase their awareness, tap into their innate wisdom, and find creative ways forward.

If any of this resonates, I invite you to schedule a session and experience the power of a coaching conversation for yourself. You can also check out the mindfulness and mastery resources I've published.

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