A creative partnership to help you reach your next level of growth

You've gotten this far on your own. Experience the power of coaching to increase your creativity, evoke your awareness, and propel you forward. Book a complimentary session and see if it's a good fit for you.

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“Everyone needs a coach… We all need people who will give us feedback. That's how we improve.”
– Bill Gates

A thought-provoking and creative process inspiring forward movement

You’re the expert in your own life and the answers to your most salient questions are within you. As your coach I will hold space for you to see yourself and your situation in a new light. I will challenge you with powerful questions, offer observations and experiments to support your growth, and hold you accountable to your goals. Together we can:

  • Get clear on thoughts and beliefs that hold you back
  • Move from linear problem solving into creative ideation
  • Formulate a vision for your future
  • Identify what has heart and meaning for you
  • Empower you with self-coaching skills so you can thrive beyond our partnership
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Your awareness agent

My name is Jameal Ghaznawi and I want to help you connect with the creative force already within you. I believe that fulfillment comes from the pursuit of mastery and that everyone possesses the creativity to overcome every obstacle on that pursuit.

I spent a decade in tech and marketing before I earned my coaching certification at The George Washington University's e-Co Leadership Coach Training Program in Washington D.C. It was a rich experience where I trained alongside other entrepeneurs and executive leaders in the commercial, government and non-profit sectors.

My practice transformed when I invited others to be part of my growth journey, starting with hiring my first coach. When it feels like the right time, I invite you to book a complimentary session and experience for yourself the power of a coaching conversation.

What to expect

Meetings are held for one hour over Zoom. We’ll use our first meeting to get to know each other and make sure it’s a good fit for both of us. This session is free of charge. If we decide to move forward, I’ll propose an arrangement that fits with your goals and your budget.

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“I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum capabilities.”
– Bob Nardelli, former CEO for Home Depot

Hi, I’m Jameal, dev lead and creative studio co-founder turned teacher and coach.

My background is in tech and marketing, most recently at Oldspeake, a creative studio building websites and digital experiences. I served as our technical development lead and chief of operations for five years, until an awakening experience led me to seek out a more direct way of living into my highest values: Connection and Compassion.

All knowledge is self-knowledge and self-development is near and dear to me. Through mindfulness, deep reflection and other awareness practices I’ve been able to overcome negative reactive patterns that frequently held me back from achieving my potential and reclaim my agency to find more choice whatever the conditions.

Now I'm on a mission to help people and organizations on their path toward mastery, starting with Stuckness. Feeling stuck is an essential precondition for growth. Remaining stuck, however, is not. As a teacher and certified coach I help people increase their awareness, tap into their innate wisdom, and find creative ways forward.

If any of this resonates, I invite you to schedule a session and experience the power of a coaching conversation for yourself. You can also check out the mindfulness and mastery resources I've published.

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