Feb 19, 2024

Hustle and Happiness

Is hustle the first stop to happiness?

I think there is a part of me that believes that one day, when I’ve accomplished my goals, that I will have arrived. The clouds will part and the sun will shine in constancy. Some magical place.

But, based on what I’ve observed this far on my personal growth journey, I really doubt it. No matter how much I hustle, how many goals I cross off, there is always something else. Some new mountain to climb.

Achievement doesn’t mean happiness. But we can learn how to create the conditions for happiness while we hustle toward our goals.

So that leaves me with the question: Even on a Monday, with a full plate of incomplete tasks (that never seem to end anyway)… How do I create the conditions for happiness right here and now?

A portrait of Jameal Ghaznawi

Jameal Ghaznawi

Hi, I’m Jameal and I'm on a mission to help people and organizations on their path toward mastery. As a teacher and certified coach I help people increase their awareness, tap into their innate wisdom, and find creative ways forward. Find yourself at a sticking point? Let's grow together.